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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Devin - Senior 2011: Central Indiana Senior Photography

Devin is my cousin. He is full of personality; I think you'll be able to see this just by looking at his picture!. We both agreed that he was born a model and that it's his true calling in life. (Just kidding of course!) I loved his hat, even though his mom thought it looked a little silly. Devin plays basketball, and wants to pursue radio after high school.
My personal favorite is the very first one. Okay, and the second one too. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Josiah - Senior 2011: Central Indiana Senior Photography

Josiah is a great guy. I've known Josiah's family for a pretty long time because he is really good friends with my cousin Devin. When both families wanted me to take their senior pictures, we decided to do it at the same time. Let me tell you, it was quite challenging to take pictures of two senior guys at one time. (ha ha!) They made it pretty easy on me though, and with both of them there together, they made each other a bit more relaxed for pictures. I know they hated being bossed around, cracking smiles and changing clothes for two hours but in the end it was quite fun. At least for me. Results below. :)
(I will be doing a blog post of Devin's senior pictures tomorrow sometime. Check back then to see his!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Miss K - Senior 2011 : Central Indiana Senior Photographer

     This is Kimberly. 

                     She is one of the most talented, sweet, caring, beautiful people I know.
            Recently she took up the challenge of teaching herself to play the violin - one of her favorite instruments out of many.

                                      Not only does she love music, but she has a bit of "Country Girl" in her too. :) You got to have some boot love. 
  She has a blog that she started this year. She covers everything from her life, to friends, sports, music, etsy, and cooking. Go over and follow her!  CLICK HERE.
                                                She is super gorgeous, inside and out.(If you can't already tell.)

    She is always happy, I don't know her to never have a smile off of her face. Her laugh is contagious and I always end up cracking up too. :)

       She is a Born Again Christian, and desires to follow the Lord and let Him lead her life in everything. Her faith in God shines through in pretty much everything she does.
Not only is she all of those things and more, but she is one of my dearest, and best friends. 
       I love you Kimberly! Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures, It was a blast spending the day with you!!! ( I still laugh thinking of the "lightening bolt" ha ha!) *inside joke*

Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Session - Central Indiana Family Photographer

Sunday evening I had a maternity/family session. With the leaves changing here in Indiana it was just completely gorgeous out! Not to mention I had such a beautiful little family to photograph as well! I will be photographing the baby when it is born in a few months as well. :)

Kara, Andrew and Little Andrew, enjoy your sneak peek! :)


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